Missouri House and Senate Wrap Up Legislative Session

May 17, 2024

The Missouri House and Senate worked this week to finalize their legislative agendas for the 2024 session. The Senate finished its year in much of the same way it began, with a filibuster, personal attacks, and dysfunction. While Republicans looked to pass initiative petition reform the final week of session, Democrats staged a multi-day filibuster to keep the proposal from advancing. Although many had speculated all session that Senate Republicans would use a procedural maneuver–the “previous question”–to end debate and force a vote on IP reform, Republicans could not find the necessary number of senators to do so. This further intensified the discord between Senate Republican factions, leading to the chamber adjourning for the year minutes after gaveling in on Friday morning. 

While this session has seen a record-low number of bills pass, some significant MCC priorities and bills of interest did make it across the finish line, including an expansion of the state’s school choice scholarship program and the defunding of Planned Parenthood. 

The MCC staff wishes to express our gratitude to our network for your faithfulness in following the legislative process with us and taking action as requested. Because of the dysfunction in the Senate this year, we did not have as many opportunities to call upon you for action, but be assured we will be back next year asking for your assistance. Be on the lookout for a full wrap-up in the MCC End of Session Report and End of Session podcast soon!