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Bishops Commemorate Migration Week: January 6-12

January 15, 2019

Saturday marks the end of Migration Week 2019. Migration week is an opportunity for the Catholic Church to reflect on the circumstances confronting...Read more

New Attorney General Fights Debtors' Prisons

January 15, 2019

Eric Schmitt was barely sworn in as Attorney General when he filed an amicus brief in the Missouri Supreme Court on behalf of...Read more

March for Life 2019 Just Around the Corner

January 15, 2019

In one week, pro-life supporters from Missouri will join thousands of others from around the country for the 46 th annual March for...Read more

Multiple Pro-life Bills Filed in First Days of MO General Assembly

January 15, 2019

Although we're only a few days into the new session, numerous bills that would attempt to limit abortions in Missouri have already been...Read more

Nuns on the Run: New Vatican Athletics Team

January 15, 2019

The Vatican has launched an athletics team with the aim of competing internationally, including future Olympic games, as part of an agreement signed...Read more

Missouri General Assembly Prepares to Convene

January 8, 2019
On Wednesday, January 9 th , the Missouri legislature will convene for the first session of the 100 th General Assembly in Jefferson City...Read more

Planned Parenthood Seeks Court Order to Resume Abortions in Columbia

January 8, 2019
The Columbia Planned Parenthood abortion clinic has passed its state inspection and is now asking a federal judge to issue an order barring the...Read more

Planned Parenthood Accused of Mistreating Pregnant Employees

January 8, 2019

A recent New York Times article has detailed accusations of discrimination against pregnant employees by Planned Parenthood. In interviews with more than a dozen...Read more

Death Penalty Usage Stays Near Generational Lows

January 8, 2019

New death sentences and executions remained near historic lows in 2018 according to the Death Penalty Information Center's year-end report . There were 25...Read more

Future U.S.S. St. Louis Launched in Wisconsin

January 7, 2019
On Saturday, December 15, the future U.S.S. St. Louis, currently known as LCS 19 (shops do not receive their name until they are commissioned)...Read more