Vatican Observatory Launches New Website

vatican observatory

The Catholic Church has a long history of supporting science, and being directly involved in advancing scientific research. The Vatican Observatory, in particular, is one of the oldest active astronomical observatories in the world, with its roots going back to 1582 and the Gregorian reform of the calendar. Some of the world's most renowned scientists -- Galileo Galilei and Louis Pasteur -- for example, were Catholics.

In the spirit of continuing this educated exploration of the scientific world, the Vatican Observatory, an institution created by the Holy See, has developed a new website. With the launch of the Vatican Observatory's new website, there is more knowledge accessible to Catholics regarding astronomical research and scientific understanding of our universe than ever before, presented through a Catholic lens. Take a tour of the new site to discover more about the science surrounding God's beautiful creation that is our home.

April 9, 2021 - 11:08am

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