A Sweet Valentine's Day Gesture


The history of Valentine's Day, the feast day of St. Valentine, is not so romantic. But in modern times, the day is meant to be a joyous one, spent celebrating with loved ones. Not everyone sees it that way, though. For some, it's a somber reminder of loved ones who have passed on, who are serving overseas, or of heartbreak.

But a simple gesture of kindness can turn a hard day into a happy one. For years, a kind group of gentlemen in Washington state have worked to bring a smile to the faces of widows, military wives and single women on Valentine's Day by passing out red roses around the Spokane area. The group is called Rose Rush, and delivers over 400 roses each year. Read more about this feel-good story here.
photo from the Rose Rush Facebook page

February 18, 2019 - 8:15am

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