State Sets Execution Date for Kevin Johnson

Kevin Johnson

The state of Missouri has set Nov. 29, 2022, as the execution date for Kevin “KJ” Johnson. Johnson killed police sergeant William McEntee in 2005 after the police conducted a search warrant of Johnson’s family home in Meacham Park in St. Louis. While conducting the search, Johnson’s younger brother had an asthma attack and police prevented his mother from attending to him. He later died at a hospital. When officer McEntee later responded to a call in the neighborhood, Johnson approached him and shouted, “You killed my brother,” before shooting him several times. In hopes of better understanding Kevin Johnson, his lawyers have prepared this video about his life and impact on those around him.

The Catholic Church opposes the death penalty because it disregards the sanctity and dignity of human life. You can call the governor at (573) 751-3222 or email him and ask for clemency for Kevin Johnson.

October 28, 2022 - 9:56am

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