Senate Passes Congressional Map and Adjourns for the Year

Proposed 2022 Mo Congressional Districts Map

The Missouri Senate passed the latest version of the congressional map this week and adjourned for the year after much bitterness and rancor brought Senate business to a halt. (See the map here.) The House sent the Senate a new map earlier this week and it was scheduled for a hearing in a Senate committee on Wednesday. However, due to Senators holding the Senate floor through filibusters on other bills, the committee was unable to meet. Senate leadership then used a rare procedural device on Thursday afternoon to relieve the committee of the bill and bring the map to the Senate floor for debate and final passage. Over the objection of conservative members of the Senate who call themselves the “conservative caucus,” the Senate took a final vote on the map and adjourned the session a day early.  

Left on the calendar were several bills the MCC was tracking, including: an omnibus pro-life bill that would respect fetal remains resulting from abortion and defund Planned Parenthood, among other provisions; a bill ensuring religious groups have access to campus facilities and means of communication; a bill allowing the Department of Corrections to create a nursery program in women’s prisons to allow newborns to remain with their mothers after birth rather than be sent to foster care; a bill extending Medicaid coverage to post-partum women up to one year after delivery; a bill extending the sunset date on a program that helps cover medications for those in need; and, a bill that would offer offenders on probation credit against their probation time for each day they are gainfully employed after being released. These bills will have to start the process again next year.

May 13, 2022 - 11:22am

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