Pro-lifers Gather at the Capitol for the 2022 Midwest March for Life

Midwest March For Life 2022

This week, nearly 2,000 pro-life supporters gathered in Jefferson City to attend the annual Midwest March for Life. The rally, which was moved into the Capitol building because of rain, featured more than a dozen speakers, including Bishop Shawn McKnight. "We have suffered as a nation in the wake of [the Roe vs. Wade] decision, as it has eroded the culture of life in our society and rejected the many blessings the choice for life secures for us as a people," said McKnight. "It is never good, never just, never charitable, never life-giving to treat an innocent human being as something to be discarded and thrown away."

After the rally, attendees marched down Capitol Avenue and through downtown Jefferson City.

April 22, 2022 - 9:46am

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