Pfizer Seeking Emergency Use of its COVID-19 Vaccine


Pfizer today asked U.S. regulators to allow emergency use of its COVID-19 vaccine. Such approval would allow Pfizer to begin a limited distribution of its vaccine before the end of the year. It appears that around 25 million doses could be available for use in December, with 30 million in January, and 35 million in February and in March. This comes after Pfizer announced that its vaccine appears to be 95% effective at preventing COVID-19. 

The drug maker Moderna is expected to also seek emergency authorization for its COVID-19 vaccine in the next few weeks. Pfizer's and Moderna's vaccines both rely on a new RNA technology that does not rely on any cells for its production. While vaccines are typically developed by placing a virus inside cells, these vaccines are developed using mRNA molecules that prompt an individual's own cells to produce the necessary protein to create an immune response. As this technology does not rely on cells for its production, it means that fetal cells are not used. According to the pro-life research group, the Charlotte Lozier Institute, both the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines are "ethically uncontroversial."  To read more about the development of the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines, please see this article from Aleteia.

November 20, 2020 - 4:20pm

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