Parson Highlights Infrastructure and Education in his State of the State Address

Governor Parson

Governor Parson on Wednesday outlined his $51.6 billion budget proposal during his annual State of the State address. In his speech, delivered to a joint session of the Missouri General Assembly, Parson indicated his intent to widen Interstate 70 in areas of Kansas City, St. Louis, and near Columbia. Governor Parson said the proposal, which would cost over $850 million, would improve congestion on I-70, which he called dangerous and a drag on the economy.

Parson also addressed the state’s need for child care, proposing a $78.5 million increase in subsidies to help low-income families pay for childcare and to provide incentives for businesses to provide on-site childcare. The governor also highlighted his plan to give all state employees a 8.7 percent cost of living adjustment, and asked for legislators to have a bill on his desk by March 1. 

Governor Parson also spoke on the need to decrease maternal mortality in the state. Calling Missouri’s maternal death rates “shameful”, Parson announced that $4.3 million would be given to the Department of Health and Senior Services to implement a plan to tackle the problem. 
To learn more about the governor’s proposed budget or to read a full transcript of the State of the State speech, please click here.

January 20, 2023 - 9:24am

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