Natural Disaster Recovery Continues Across Missouri

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The stretch of natural disasters continues across the Midwest and in our home state of Missouri. Most recently, areas surrounding Kansas City suffered damage from a mile-wide tornado that tore through the plains Tuesday night. At least a dozen injuries have been reported after the storm, and widespread damage is evident.

In addition to the devastating tornados, across the state, river towns are dealing with extreme flooding, with levels reaching beyond the flood of '93 in some places. I-29 in north Missouri is closed for a second time this year due to flooding, and many communities are asking for help with sandbag efforts to protect homes and businesses. In Jefferson City, the river is estimated to remain at extreme flood stage for at least another week. We ask for your prayers and your help with prevention and recovery efforts throughout the state. Visit your local Catholic Charities website or call your local office to see how you can best help those in need. At this time, donations are most helpful. Use the links below to connect to the Catholic Charities office in your diocese.
photo by Kris Wilson for the News Tribune

St. Louis

Kansas City/St. Joseph

Jefferson City

Springfield/Cape Girardeau

June 3, 2019 - 7:56am

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