Missouri Poverty Rate Higher than U.S. Rate, Report Finds


Missouri has a poverty rate of 13%, which is slightly higher than the national rate of 12.8%. When looking at poverty, men fare better than women and children with men having a rate of 11.8%, women at 14.1%, and children at 17.4%. These are just some of the findings in the Missouri Poverty Report 2022, released by the Missouri Community Action Network (MCAN). The report examines poverty through five elements – economic and family security, education, food, health, and housing. In the area of food, 11.5% of Missouri households have low or very low food security compared to 10.7% of U.S. households that have low or very low food security.  An estimated 54% of Missouri households get at least half of their food from pantries. The report also includes a section on COVID-19 and its effect on poverty. MCAN plans to share the report with state and federal officials.

Read the Missouri Poverty Report here.

September 23, 2022 - 11:25am

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