Missouri House Passes FY 2020 Budget

Dollar Bills

The Missouri House passed the FY 2020 budget this week, approving a total budget of nearly $30 billion. This includes $3.5 billion for public K-12 education and $11 billion for Medicaid (health and mental healthcare for the poor), the two largest single items funded in the state budget. The Missouri budget is funded by money collected through state taxes and from federal funds sent to Missouri to pay for social programs, agriculture, and highways, among other programs. In the current fiscal year, Missouri is facing a shortfall of approximately $300 million. This may result in the Governor having to freeze funding for some programs before the end of the fiscal year on June 30th. It is hoped this will not be necessary as taxpayers file state returns and pay taxes due in the next few weeks.

The budget, as passed by the Missouri House, includes $6.4 million for the Alternatives to Abortion program, $32.5 million for the Show-Me Healthy Babies program, which provides funding for medical care for unborn children whose mothers do not qualify for Medicaid, and $2.5 million for a program to encourage healthy marriages and fatherhood. The budget also includes language prohibiting state funding from going to Planned Parenthood. There are many other programs funded through the Missouri state budget. For quick facts outlining state spending for FY 2019, which ends June 30th, please click here. The budget now proceeds to the Missouri Senate for further consideration.

March 29, 2019 - 2:11pm

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