The Importance of a Balanced Diet: Teenage Boy Blind After Years of Unbalanced Eating

As a child, how many times did you sneak a plate of uneaten peas under the table and into the mouth of the family dog at dinner? We've all been there -- the avoidance of vegetables in favor of a sweet or more appetizing treat. And we've all heard the warnings from parents, grandparents, and educators: a balanced diet is of the utmost importance. 

One English teenager learned the hard way that an unbalanced diet can indeed lead to some pretty serious consequences; in his case, blindness. After living for years on a diet of Pringles, white bread, fries, slices of processed ham, and sausage, doctors discovered low vitamin B12 levels and anemia. Three years later -- without any change in diet -- the teen was blind and had begun to lose his hearing. Are these issues reversible? Find out in this article.

September 6, 2019 - 10:25am

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