Happy Mother’s Day

As we begin the month of May, which is dedicated to our Blessed Mother, we call on her intercession and ask for the grace to entrust ourselves fully to her Son and His plan for our lives. Pope Francis tweeted an appeal for people “to pray together the rosary for peace every day during May.” 

As we honor Mary, the Mother of God, let us also remember with gratitude and affection all our earthly mothers, living and deceased, during this Mother’s Day weekend. God has blessed us with our mothers for bringing us into the world. Let us give them thanks and pray:

Almighty God and Father, we thank you for the gift of your Blessed Mother, the Virgin Mary. We are likewise grateful to you for giving each one of us our earthly mother, grandmothers and all who play a maternal role in our lives, providing us the affection, tenderness, guidance and care we need. Grateful for their sacrifices and selfless love, we ask that you bless them with good health, strength, joy and peace. We entrust them into your loving and caring hands, and ask that you protect them from every danger, evil and harm. For all our mothers who have died, grant them eternal rest and peace. Amen

May 6, 2022 - 8:29am

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