Governor Proposes Wage Increases for State Team Members

On Wednesday, January 11, Governor Parson announced that he has recommended an 8.7 percent Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA) for all state team members and a $2 per hour shift differential to eligible state team members working in certain congregate care facilities.

"There is no question that the recruitment and retention of state employees have been a severe problem for our state, and we must do better," Governor Parson said. "This is why we are again recommending an immediate cost of living increase for our state team. With 7,000 positions open across state government, this wage increase is necessary, and it is the minimum we must do to support our state workers and the people of Missouri."

The recommendation was included in Governor Parson's FY 2023 Early Supplemental Budget request delivered to the General Assembly. Governor Parson has asked the General Assembly to introduce the legislation as soon as possible with the goal of implementation by March 1, 2023, and represented in state team members' paychecks by March 31. Salary adjustments will require General Assembly approval before they can go into effect. 

"We want to be clear, this is not state government attempting to set the market. This is merely an attempt by state government to stay competitive with the market," Governor Parson said. "If we allow state government to fall behind, we allow Missourians to fall behind. This is not something we are willing to accept, and we ask the General Assembly not to either." 

The FY 23 Early Supplemental Budget pay plan proposal would invest $151.2 million, including $82.4 million in general revenue (GR), in the state workforce.

January 13, 2023 - 3:43pm

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