Governor Parson Delivers State of the State Address

MO Capitol

This week, Governor Mike Parson delivered the annual gubernatorial address to Missouri legislators outlining his priorities for the next fiscal year. You can find the transcript of his address at the bottom of this Columbia Missourian article. He emphasized economic development successes over the last year, including plans by Bunge North America to move its headquarters from New York to St. Louis, and indicating he will continue to focus on workforce development and improving Missouri's aging infrastructure.  

The governor also released his proposed budget for FY 2021 this week. The proposal presumes that the general assembly will pass legislation that would require internet vendors to collect sales tax on sales of products purchased online in Missouri. The governor proposes using the additional funds from the internet sales tax to set up a rainy-day fund for emergencies and to use towards paying off outstanding public debts. The governor's budget proposal will be debated in the House Budget committee and the Senate Appropriations committee over the next few months before the end of session.  

He also raised concerns about a ballot initiative to expand Medicaid that is currently underway, stating that expanding the program will require funds be taken from other government programs, or result in a tax increase. The Missouri bishops have come out in support of the Medicaid expansion initiative, because of the significant number of Missouri citizens who cannot afford health insurance and because of the importance of the program to the healthcare delivery system. The expansion would likely result in as many as 250,000 additional citizens obtaining health care coverage who currently do not have it. More information about the benefits and costs of expanding Medicaid are available on the MCC website.

January 24, 2020 - 11:53am

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