Former Director Reflects on Time at MCC

Tyler McClay

Deacon Tyler McClay recently sat down with the Catholic Missourian to reflect on his time as the former Executive Director of the Missouri Catholic Conference. Although it had been his dream job, he and his wife recently moved to St. Louis to be closer to family.

Deacon McClay considers "it a privilege to have played a role in helping" get key legislation passed, such as the Missouri Empowerment Scholarship Accounts Program, the "Missouri Stands for the Unborn Act", and Medicaid expansion.

"I hope we can all come together to continue to be the Church to the world and not let the divisions in our country divide us," he said. "It's easy for us to get caught up in that, but we've got to be different. We've still got to be the Church. I also hope that Catholics will put being Catholic first, ahead of their political party," he stated. "Because all too often, I see it see it being the other way around."

To read more about Deacon McClay and his time at the MCC, click here.

July 15, 2022 - 10:28am

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