The Fate of PDMP Legislation Still Uncertain

The fate of a bill that would establish a prescription drug monitoring program (PDMP) is hanging on a wire. As of Friday afternoon, the Senate was filibustering HB 1693, sponsored by Rep. Holly Rehder (R-Sikeston). The Senate previously passed the bill and wants the House to take up the bill and pass it as it left the Senate in March. In that version of the bill, the Senate compromised and agreed to the creation of a joint oversight task force made up of pharmacists, physicians and other medical professionals to monitor the program, rather than establishing oversight by the Department of Health and Senior Services. 

When the bill came back to the House, it refused to accept the Senate version. The House then voted 94-59 in a bipartisan vote to pass the bill after removing an objectionable portion. The only remaining step was for the Senate to take up the bill one more time in order to truly agree and finally pass it, but disagreements have resulted in the bill meeting resistance in the Senate, where some of the members still have privacy concerns.

Missouri is the only state in the nation without a PDMP. Currently, St. Louis County is operating a PDMP which covers about 80% of the state. We will update you on the fate of this bill in the next edition of MCC Weekly Update.

May 19, 2020 - 10:40am

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