The Biggest Little Farm Focuses on Positive Connection with our Environment

Biggest Little Farm

Molly and John Chester liked city life. They were happy in their Santa Monica apartment, until their dog, Todd, who loves to bark, got them evicted. Soon, they found themselves as farmers, owners of 200 acres in Moorpark, California, and with a giant task ahead of them. The film The Biggest Little Farm tells the tale of Apricot Lane Farm. It's a story that binds traditional farming practices with modern ideals, chaos with clarity, and sorrow with smiles. It paints a very real picture of small farm life from the perspective of Molly, Chester, and their animals, who have lived through its challenges and successes. But unlike many modern farm and environmental documentaries, this film does not play into fear or despair. Instead, it focuses on positive human connection with the environment.Watch this trailer to learn more about the story of The Biggest Little Farm.

July 22, 2019 - 8:00am

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