2020 Legislative Session Begins

MO Capitol

Missouri lawmakers returned to Jefferson City on Wednesday to begin the second session of the 100th General Assembly. To date, over 1200 bills have already been filed in both the House and the Senate, setting the stage for a busy session.

State revenues are currently ahead of projections and the Governor's office and legislators are working to come to a consensus on projected revenues for fiscal year 2021, which begins in July. The consensus revenue projection is important, because it determines how much state general revenue is expected to be available for legislators who are making budget and spending projections for the coming year. Governor Parson will offer his state of the state address next week and will unveil his proposed budget and spending priorities immediately afterwards. The House Budget and Senate Appropriations committees will then begin their work negotiating budget allocations for the coming fiscal year.

January 10, 2020 - 4:47pm

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