Public Policy Committee for the MCC

The Public Policy Committee (PPC) is made up of 15 people appointed by the Board of Directors (Missouri Bishops).

These members represent each of the four dioceses in Missouri. The number of representatives from each diocese reflects its Catholic population. Each member serves a three-year term and is required to attend monthly meetings. Those appointed have diverse areas of expertise in areas including education, health, social welfare, government relations, policy analysis and formation. The role of the PPC is to provide expertise/experience in reviewing pending legislation, mobilize Catholics for legislative action and assist with the Missouri Catholic Conference (MCC) Annual Assembly. The PPC also serves as an advisory body to the Board of Directors on legislation.

Archdiocese of St. Louis:

Anthony D’Agostino

Deacon Andrew Daus

Jared Bryson, Chair

Michael Meehan

Gabe Jones

Father William Dotson

Joyce Jones

Diocese of Kansas City/St. Joseph:

Sister Christine Martin

Clark Massey

Bill Francis

Diocese of Jefferson City:

Dan Lester

Sister Barbara Neist

Diocese of Springfield/Cape Girardeau:

Richard Russell

Deacon Daniel Vaughn

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