Our History


By Mike Hoey

I have sought to write a candid history of the Missouri Catholic Conference that recounts both the highs and lows of the MCC and does not ignore troubling events in the life of the Church or the work of the Missouri Catholic Conference. Nevertheless, I must cheerfully confess that I have worked for the MCC since 1979, agree with its public policy agenda and have great affection for the many people, bishops, staff, MCC department and public policy committee members and MCC Citizen Network activists – who have sought to create a culture of life and compassion in the state of Missouri.

In a short history such as this one, it is inevitable that certain events and people will be overlooked. I have focused on events where the role of the MCC appeared to be crucial. Issues that enjoyed overwhelming support, such as the constitutional amendment defining marriage, have been bypassed in favor of issues that could not have become law or public policy without MCC involvement. I have also not hesitated to spend more time on some issues at the expense of others, basing these decisions on the importance of the MCC’s role and my understanding of what is most historically significant.

I have tried to document MCC related events through the use of the MCC legislative files, newspaper stories, and interviews with key individuals, but some of the stories related are based upon my personal recollections.

I wish to thank Rachel Vessell, the MCC’s 2007 summer intern, for all her help in gathering research material for this history. MCC staff also provided assistance in locating files that documented this story. Although a number of people assisted in this project, I alone take responsibility for the facts and opinions offered here.


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